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Harry Beecher is Credited as the Subject of the First Football Card. But Who was He?

The player on the first football card isn’t a known commodity to most The first true football card, often like the first ‘anything’, is always up for interpretation. Trying to determine the first football card, especially, can be challenging. That’s because early forms of the game were closer to rugby and many collectors have difficulty with blurred lines. But when

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Massive Vintage and Pre-War Football Card Collection Hall of Fame Worthy

Earlier this year, the Pro Football Hall of Fame welcomed a collection of approximately 700 football cards. The cards, collected by Dan Hunt (son of NFL owner Lamar Hunt) and Robert Casterline. The pair’s collection contains approximately 300,000 cards in all. These aren’t just your ordinary run of the mill cards. Many are rarities and among the cards are several

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