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100 Years Later: Interesting Cards of Cincinnati Reds Players in the 1919 Series (Part II of V)

Here are some of the intriguing cards of the ‘other’ team from the 1919 World Series

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Family Records Document the 1924 Walter Mails Game Cards … and Plans for a Second Set

Trying to learn more about pre-war cards can be a tedious process. But every now and then, breakthroughs occur in the hobby to give us more insight on particular issues. These breakthroughs, it should be noted, often come as a result of incredibly fluky circumstances. Such is the case here with the 1924 Walter Mails Game set. Recently, the granddaughter

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Five Reasons Pre-War Cards Belong in Your Collection

Most baseball card collectors break into the hobby by collecting issues of current players and teams. That’s only natural. I started collecting cards back in 1986 and my focus quickly shifted to cards of New York Mets players as that was my favorite childhood team. But as many collectors get older, they often start collecting vintage issues. Some even go

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