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Ty Cobb Goudey Sport Kings Top 1933


Pre-War Cards offers premium advertising opportunities to an enthusiastic, targeted base of collectors. As the site continues to grow, so does its base of readership.

Unique opportunities exist to reach thousands of collectors through the website and its social media channels on Twitter and Facebook. Our readership spends a significant amount of money on vintage and pre-war cards, often from auction houses.

Inside the Numbers

T205 Mathewson

Since launching in 2016, Pre-War Cards’ traffic has risen dramatically. Starting with a few dedicated readers, the site’s page views increased by more than ten times in 2017. In 2018, traffic more than quadrupled on top of 2017 figures. Since then, site traffic continues to outpace itself because of a dedicated readership and new content that is added monthly.

However, where Pre-War Cards really stands out is through a large and active social media presence. With more than 5,000 Twitter and Facebook followers, including high-profile collectors, Pre-War Cards has an additional reach. For example, in January 2021 on Twitter alone, Pre-War Cards had a whopping 340,000 Twitter impressions (the number of times the site’s tweets have been seen).

Additional traffic data is available through our full media kit.

Ty Cobb 1914 Cracker JackAbout the Readership

The site’s readers have an obvious focus on vintage cards. In a recent poll on the site, more than 85% of readers noted their collection included cards more than 100 years old.

And while more than 90% of the readership is American-based, the site has a significant presence in other countries where collectors reside, including the UK and Canada, as well as emerging Asian markets in China and Japan. The site has a tremendous reach with readers coming from more than 140 countries.

Social media trends and contacts via email indicate our readership is largely above the age of 35 and collectors that routinely spend significant money on vintage cards in online auctions.

T206 Eddie PlankAdvertising Opportunities

Individual advertising opportunities exist to reach the site’s thousands of readers through its website or social media channels. Some specific opportunities include:

  • In-depth articles focusing on an upcoming auction, product, or service
  • Social media blasts with tweets and Facebook posts to promote an auction, product, or service
  • Hyperlinked stationary sidebar advertisements that are fixed and appear on the website without rotation, directing readers straight to your website with the click of a mouse

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