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Harry Beecher is Credited as the Subject of the First Football Card. But Who was He?

The player on the first football card isn’t a known commodity to most The first true football card, often like the first ‘anything’, is always up for interpretation. Trying to determine the first football card, especially, can be challenging. That’s because early forms of the game were closer to rugby and many collectors have difficulty with blurred lines. But when

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Allen & Ginter, Kimball, and Goodwin Champions Got Their Start in 1800s

19th Century pre-war cards have been given new life again with recent issues In the 19th Century, tobacco card sets began focusing on a variety of sports. Numerous non-sports sets existed but Allen & Ginter, Kimball, and Goodwin branded cigarettes issued sets of ‘champions,’ highlighting the best of the best in various sports. Today, collectors are familiar with these types

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Can You Solve this 19th Century Baseball Puzzle Found in the Duke N125 Set?

A long time ago, Duke, Sons, and Company produced all sorts of trading cards to go along with their tobacco products. In general, their cards aren’t as heralded or desirable Allen & Ginter and Old Judge issues because, aside from sticking the heads of presidential candidates onto the bodies of female baseball players, most of their stuff featured generic baseball

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