Feature Stories

Below are links to featured articles that focus on research of specific issues.


Comiskey E145 Cracker Jack

An Accurate Barometer Trade Cards – Used as Inserts
BF3/BF4 – Are Some BF3 Issues Really BF4 Pennants In Disguise?
F50 Sweetman – New Insight into 1928 F50 Sweetman Card Set and Company
R314 and V352 Goudey Wide Pens in need of Proper Classification?
T205 – Discovering a John Titus Print Error Variation
Sawyer Biscuit Cabinet Premiums – A Mystery Solved
W552 Strip Cards – Various W552 Mayfair Novelty Print Variances
1917 Youth’s Companion Stamps – Babe Ruth or Rube Marquard?


What was the first basketball card ever produced?


Ya-Lo Cards – Do Ya-Lo Football Game Cards Depict Red Grange?


Little Known About Rare Star Magazine / Fürth Chocolate 1930s Hockey Issue


Enameline Paper Dolls Trade Cards with Back Stamps Discovered

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