Want to help maintain PreWarCards.com?

Since this site first hit the internet roughly six years ago, one question I’ve got from many folks is how they can help support it. I’ve taken a few advertisements over the years but never wanted the site to be too indebted to other companies. And unlike other sites which charge for information-based services, I never dreamed of even thinking about that.

But one thing you can do to help keep this site going is by making a financial contribution.

For the first time, I’ve added a box over in the sidebar to the right where folks now will have an opportunity to make a gift. Please note that the site is not a registered non-profit organization. Any contributions, as a result, are not tax-deductible.

I’m going to preface this by saying that I hate the sort of disingenuous cries for help that you might sometimes see from sites begging for money. This isn’t that. This site isn’t going anywhere, folks — contributions or not. It does not need your money to exist. I’m not ceasing its existence or even slowing down on the content. In fact, as I recently wrote, the site is going to expand greatly soon as I’ve been working on coverage of non-sports sets to add to the massive hub of information that already exists here. And as a quick aside, you’ll notice the non-sports tab at the top of the page now where I’ve set up the placeholder pages for those sets. I hope to have those up soon and they’ll join the 1,500+ set reviews I’ve already published.

Whether this site ever receives a single contribution or not, it is not going anywhere. I cannot be more clear about that. But while the financial upkeep on an annual basis is paid by me and fairly minimal, the time to produce content, constantly research cards, and handle all of the correspondence and general upkeep is a considerable effort. It’s not a full-time job by any means. But, well, when you’re doing it on top of a full-time job and juggling a lot of other responsibilities, yep, it can get hard to keep up sometimes.

This is not a cry for help. Heck, it’s not even an ask. It’s an option to those that have asked how they can support the work that’s gone into creating it because you believe in its importance. If you’ve gotten anything out of it and want to contribute, that’s awesome. If you’ve gotten anything out of it and can’t or don’t want to contribute, that’s still awesome. Just the fact that folks use this incredible site as any sort of resource is great to me, frankly.

The reason I created this site several years ago is because there is nothing out there like it for pre-war cards, in my opinion. I often laugh when I’m trying to do research on an obscure set and the only meaningful Google results that come back are pages from this site. That’s not a pat on the back. I honestly get a kick out of it because it’s the very reason I created this site — to try to shed some light on these utterly fantastic cards which often don’t get enough coverage.

It’s not perfect. I know that. Nothing that contains so much information can be, really. But I have strived to constantly improve its accuracy and provide information on cards that some collectors have never even heard of. I love these cards and I want others to get the same type of enjoyment out of them that I do.

If you’ve used this site for any sort of information or gotten anything out of it at all, it’s achieved its mission. Here’s to the next six years.

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