Editor’s Notes: October 2021

Each month, content gets updated on the Pre-War Cards site. However, while you see the regular articles that are posted, plenty of stuff is always being added behind the scenes. Much of this has to do with the updating of set descriptions and checklists in the database and each month, I’ll be posting to alert you to stuff that has been added or updated from the previous month.

 Here are the items added/updated from the past month.

Let’s Talk Site Update

Last month, I mentioned a fairly large update that was taking place to the site. I’m pleased to announce that the update not only got underway but is nearing completion.

So what’s new? If you go to the top of the page where the sports are listed, you’ll now notice an “Other Sets” tab. Mousing over that tab will bring up a slew of 13 new sports categories including the following:

  • Auto Racing
  • Aviation
  • Billiards
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Horse Racing
  • Lacrosse
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Swimming & Diving
  • Track & Field
  • Multi-Sport
  • Everything Else

Now, I’ve thrown a bunch of different ideas around on these pages. The pages for the eight main sports include sets where even a single card from that set is in the checklist. I simply couldn’t do that here. But I’ve also decided to take it a step further than my initial plan.

My initial plan was to include only American Card Catalog sets for these sports. However, I’ve opted to include sets beyond that, where possible. All sets listed for those sports are sets where that sport is heavily featured or exclusively featured. If it’s a swimming/diving only set, my plan is for you to find it here. If it’s a multi-sport set with only 2-3 swimming cards, you won’t find it.

So far, I have added roughly 60 new pages for these sports. Some pages for sets already existed for some of these and those have been added here. For example, the T218 Champions set, which appeared on several pages other pages like boxing and golf now appear on the multi-sport page. But in all, there are about 60 entirely new sets checklisted now.

The only pages not yet done (or even started) are cricket and soccer. That is because, those sports are so daunting internationally that it is going to take some time to sort and decide what gets added. Hardly anything from those sports is in the American Card Catalog (because they were largely international sports) but there are hundreds of international sets out there. In the end, the goal will probably be to list some of the more prominent sets for now and possibly add more later. I’ve already started some work on those and my hope is to have those pages finished in October.

After that is done, I’ll probably begin circling back on all of the new sports and continuing to add some of the more obscure sets. What I’ve got is a starting point and not likely the finished product. But hopefully it’s a good start and allows folks to explore some of those sets a bit more.

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