Honus Wagner T206 Card Sells for Record Amount

Sports cards remain hot and that includes the hottest sports card of all time — the Honus Wagner T206 baseball card.

Famously shortprinted, the card continues breaking records. Most recently, it did so in a Goldin Auctions sale. A modest PSA 2 example just topped $3.6 million, the most paid for any Wagner in a public sale.

Nothing seems out of reach at the moment when it comes to cards. And when modern, high-grade cards are selling for millions of dollars, well, that just makes an iconic vintage card such as the Wagner even more profitable.

T206 Wagner cards are up all over the place with a low-grade PSA 1 topping $1.4 million last year and an Authentic grade Wagner owned by former player Joe Garagiola topping $2.5 million earlier this year.

What could the PSA 5 (MC) version that sold for $3.1 million several years ago bring in today’s climate? One can only imagine.

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