Editor’s Notes (November 2019)

Each month, content gets updated on the Pre-War Cards site. However, while you see the regular articles that are posted, plenty of stuff is always being added behind the scenes. Much of this has to do with the updating of set descriptions and checklists in the database and each month, I’ll be posting to alert you to stuff that has been added or updated from the previous month.

Here are the items added/updated from the past month.


14 Ted Williams - SGC 1News on the site continues to move slow. It’s not that there’s not any news out there in the world of pre-war cards. Just not stuff that’s real noteworthy. But I am still finding plenty to write about otherwise.

I broke in a couple of new series’ on the site last month. One will be called ‘Behind the Lens’ and will focus on using macro photography to show off a bit of the printing that was used on early cards. The first one I did was a close up look at the T205 cards. I also get a lot of feedback on Twitter where I have generally posted pictures of recent buys. The problem with that is I’m limited in how much I can say about those cards on that platform and could use a bit more space. That’s where the ‘In the Mail’ posts will come in. Here was the first one of those that I posted, after a particularly busy week of card activity that included picking up this low-grade Ted Williams 1941 Play Ball card.

I haven’t decided on how regular these will be but you’ll see posts with each of those titles going forward. I’ll probably shoot for at least one of the macro photograph articles and a a couple ‘In the Mail’ articles each month.

I also previewed my second all non-sports set this past month, too, taking a look at the popular N2 Allen & Ginter American Indian Chiefs set. Even though the sports cards will always be the focal point here, I plan to try to cover a bit more of at least the popular non-sports sets from the pre-war era.

New Sets Added

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Set Updates/Expansions

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