Monthly Site Updates (February 2019)

Each month, content gets updated on the Pre-War Cards site. However, while you see the regular articles that are posted, plenty of stuff is always being added behind the scenes. Much of this has to do with the updating of set descriptions and checklists in the database and each month, I’ll be posting to alert you to stuff that has been added or updated from the previous month.

Here are the items added in February.


The site got a new makeover due to some issues with the previous interface. As someone who generally hates change, my main goal was to keep it as similar as possible to the old site.

Here’s a closer look at the move to the new layout.

In addition, I’ve begun a new ‘series’ on the site called, “Tale of the Tape.” The gist is that it will be a comparison of two similar sets. The first one I rolled out was a look at the N28 and N29 Allen & Ginter cards. The series won’t have regular release dates (i.e. every Monday) or anything. Instead, articles will simply be written on a time to time basis. But I’ve got a bunch more lined up and you can expect to see more of those.

From the standpoint of actual card news, I also covered how the R318 Batter Up Premiums have been miscategorized and also how, despite an advertisement of four types in the 1932 Astra/Sanella set, there are actually only three.

Set Expansions/Updates

New Sets Added

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