Monthly Site Updates (January 2019)

Each month, content gets updated on the Pre-War Cards site. However, while you see the regular articles that are posted, plenty of stuff is always being added behind the scenes. Much of this has to do with the updating of set descriptions and checklists in the database and each month, I’ll be posting to alert you to stuff that has been added or updated from the previous month.

Here are the items added in January.

Big News

ace bailey stoodleighThe highlight of the month was completing the likely checklist for the 1933 Stoodleigh Hockey Stars set. This set had only four known cards until a discovery of a collector revealed four more and likely completed the checklist. Those four are the only ones known.

The cards were found by a collector in Toronto. Family ancestors owned a business in close proximity to the Stoodleigh Restaurant and the cards were found in a box of the family’s belongings.

These cards were distributed by Stoodleigh’s Restaurant in Canada. Shaped like bookmarks, many are not known. Part of the reason for that is because they had a limited function. The cards included a schedule on the backs and, after the schedule was played, most were probably discarded.

New cards that were added to the set’s checklist were Lester Patrick, King Clancy, and Tom Daly, a trainer.

The card of Bailey is shown here.

Set Expansions

Expansions on text for several sets, including the ones below:

New Sets Added

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