1920s Cigarrillos Dolar Color Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Cigarrillos Dolar
Year 1920s
Size Various
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1920s Cigarrillos Dolar Color Set Overview

J.S. Onagoity Los Cigarrilos Dolar BackJ.S. Onagoity Los Cigarrilos Dolar TennisNot much is known (at least in terms of American collecting) about these rare tobacco cards. But what we can say is that Cigarrillos Dolar issued a few series of cards with sports subjects.

This specific set includes color pictures of athletes. I have coined this the ‘color’ set because Cigarrilos Dolar produced at least one other set with soccer cards that as a black and white issue, dating to the late 1920s. The exact dating of this set is not known, though it is generally cited as a 1920s issue.

These cards were issued by J.S. Onagoity, the company that presumably issued the Cigarrillos Dolar brand products. The set, like many other international sets, is broken up into several series’. Backs include an ad for Cigarrillos Dolar printed in blue or black ink and the set has several different ad types. Some include a reference to the printer, A. Flaiban at the bottom while others do not. Backs also include the J.S. Onagoity name and address.

Back advertisements are printed in Spanish but the main part primarily reads (roughly) that Cigarrillos Dolar follows an ancient tradition consisting of good tobacco and nothing more.

A total of five series’ are known in the set and sports subjects comprise much of the release. Among those are tennis players and soccer players. Subjects will not be familiar to most American collectors.

Cigarrillos Dolar Color Set Checklist

A checklist of subjects is not yet known. Given the scarcity of the cards and the size of the set, it is not likely that one even exists.

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