1927 W560 Strip Card Set

‘It’s In The Details’

Title W560 Strip
Year 1927
Size 1 11/16″ x 2 11/16″
Images Color Tints
Type Strip
Number in Set

W560 Strip Card Overview

Chris Cagle


W560 Strip Dempsey BoxingThe 1927 W560 strip cards are a unique set. Fronts include athletes from a variety of sports, including baseball and football players but the interesting feature is in the design. In addition to the pictures of players, the fronts also have playing card numbers and suits like an actual deck of playing cards. Backs of the cards are blank.

And like a true playing card set, only red ink and black ink were used. Most cards were printed either entirely with red ink or black ink but some have both colors used on the same card. Variations also exist for the cards as some players can be found in more than one ink color.

This set is a multi-sport issue. The baseball players are the focus of the set for most collectors, but the set also includes other athletes from various sports. Baseball players are the most commonly found, which makes sense considering 49 of the 64 total cards in the set are from that sport.

The baseball cards feature the players’ first and last names. A few exceptions have only some initials and a last name, such as the card of Watson Clark shown here.

How the cards were arranged/printed is also interested. Most strip cards were printed in single row strips where merchants could tear or cut individual cards for customers. These, however, were printed in 16-card sheets of four rows, each with four cards. Today, while these strips are rare, they are out there.

Among baseball players are numerous stars – none bigger than New York Yankees greats Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. There are a lot of other key cards, however. Also included are Hall of Famers Jim Bottomly, Mickey Cochrane, Kiki Cuyler, Jimmie Foxx, Goose Goslin, Lefty Grove, Rogers Hornsby, Jesse Haines, Waite Hoyt, Walter Johnson, Fred Lindstrom, Herb Pennock, Al Simmons, Dazzy Vance, Lloyd Waner, and Paul Waner.

Don’t sleep on the others in the set, however. Interestingly enough, there are seven college football players in the set, including the pictured All-American and NFL player Chris Cagle. Boxing is also represented here with legend Jack Dempsey included in the issue.

W560 Strip Card Checklist

  1. Vic Aldridge
  2. Lester Bell
  3. Larry Benton
  4. Max Bishop
  5. Del Bissonette
  6. Jim Bottomley
  7. Guy Bush
  8. Richard Byrd
  9. C.K. Cagle
  10. Cl. Chamberlain
  11. Watty Clark
  12. Mickey Cochrane
  13. Andy Cohen
  14. Hughie Critz
  15. Kiki Cuyler
  16. Jack Delaney
  17. Jack Dempsey
  18. Taylor Douthit
  19. B. Dumont
  20. Charles Farrell
  21. Fred Fitzsimmons
  22. Jimmie Foxx
  23. Lou Gehrig
  24. Goose Goslin
  25. Sam Gray
  26. Lefty Grove
  27. Jesse Haines
  28. Tom Heeney
  29. Babe Herman
  30. Rogers Hornsby
  31. Waite Hoyt
  32. Henry Johnson
  33. Walter Johnson
  34. Willie Kamm
  35. Remy Kremer
  36. Al Lassman
  37. Benny Leonard
  38. Charles Lindbergh
  39. Fred Lindstrom
  40. Dutch Loud
  41. Dave Lowry
  42. Fred Maguire
  43. Fred Marberry
  44. Johnny Mostil
  45. Buddy Myer
  46. Herb Pennock
  47. George Pipgras
  48. Flint Rhem
  49. Babe Ruth
  50. Luke Sewell
  51. Willie Sherdel
  52. Al Simmons
  53. Bob Sprague
  54. Ken Strong
  55. Tommy Thevenow
  56. Fresno Thompson
  57. George Uhle
  58. Dazzy Vance
  59. Rube Walberg
  60. Lloyd Waner
  61. Paul Waner
  62. Cy Williams
  63. Jim Wilson
  64. Glen Wright

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