1930 Viladas Agramunt Quien es el Campeon Mundial Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Viladas Agramunt Quien es el Campeon Mundial
Year 1930
Images Color
Type Candy/Gum
Number in Set

1930 Viladas Agramunt Quien es el Campeon Mundial Overview

This pre-war issue was distributed in Spain for chocolate maker Viladas Agramunt.

The set was a multi-sport release with all sorts of sports being featured. Included in the set are athletes from boxing, tennis, track and field, and more. Keys to the set include a header card, boxer Max Schmeling, French tennis stars Rene Lacoste and Henri Cochet, and swimmer/actor Johnny Weissmuller. Additionally, while the set is a Spanish issue, more than 1/3 of it is comprised of American athletes.

The cards feature colorful illustrations of subjects on the front with both in action pictures and a smaller inset portrait. Fronts also include the subject’s flag/country of origin.

While the set is often referred to simply as the Viladas Agramunt set, the proper full name should probably add ‘Quien es el Campeon Mundial’ to the end of that, in part because Viladas Agramunt produced other card sets. ‘Quien es el Campeon Mundial’ is the question raised at the top of the backs of the cards. Translated to English, that question reads, “Who is the World Champion?”

Below that title, backs of the cards include a card number as well as the mention that there are a total of 42 ‘drawings’ in the set. Beneath that is the name of the subject pictured on the front along with a brief description of that athlete. This information is all printed in blue ink.

Two different types of these cards are known. One type has the Xocolata Viladas Agramunt advertisement on the back following a description of the subject while others are blank below those descriptions. That seems to allude to the possibility that these cards were printed for more than one company.

1930 Viladas Agramunt Quien es el Campeon Mundial Checklist

Here is a checklist of the complete set.

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