1947 Joe DiMaggio Sport Magazine Premium

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Joe DiMaggio Sport Magazine Premium
Year 1947
Size 8 1/2″ x 11″
Images Black and White
Type Publications
Number in Set

1947 Joe DiMaggio Sport Magazine Premium Overview

Joe-DiMaggio-1947-Sport-MagazineThis black and white standalone premium features a portrait shot of New York Yankees’ Hall of Famer Joe DiMaggio.

A black and white picture of DiMaggio is show inside of a thick white border and against a bright orange background.

The exact mode of distribution is not known but it was believed to have been offered as an insert or a general premium from Sport Magazine. It can be dated to March of 1947 since that month/year appears in the border area.

The print ‘Sport’ is also in the border area, along with the number 15. It is not clear if that number 15 is meant to indicate a page number or otherwise. However, this is not believed or known to be part of a set.

The premiums do not sell for a ton of money (often between $50-$100) but are fairly rare.

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