1941 St. Louis Browns Team Set (W753) and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title St. Louis Browns
Year 1941
Size2  ″2 1/4 x 2 3/4″
Images Black and White
Type Miscellaneous
Number in Set

1941 St. Louis Browns Team Set Overview

W753 Browns SewellThis is a 30-card team set for the St. Louis Browns that was sold at the team’s stadium. It is similar in appearance to another 1941 set for the St. Louis Cardinals. This one is categorized as W753 in the American Card Catalog while the Cardinals’ issue is W754.

The cards are basic looking with a black and white head shot of the subject with a white border. No names are on the front but they are printed on the back as well as statistical and biographical information. The cards are unnumbered. They are easily dated as a 1941 issue with statistics on the back going up to 1940.

The team finished with a losing record (70-84) in 1941 and finished sixth in the American League. As you might expect, there are not many stars found in the set. The biggest name is eight-time All-Star and Hall of Famer, catcher Rick Ferrell.

While 30 cards are in the set, not that many players are featured. One card is simply a header card that reads, ‘Presenting the St. Louis Browns.’ In addition, several cards of coaches and executives are included, as is a card of manager Luke Sewell.

Interestingly enough, Sewell did not coach the team the entire season. He only was brought in as a replacement during the year for the departed Fred Haney. That helps to loosely identify the set as one that was distributed later in the year as Sewell was included in the set but Haney was not.

1941 St. Louis Browns Team Set Checklist

  1. Johnny Allen
  2. Elden Auken
  3. Donald Barnes (Executive)
  4. Johnny Berardino
  5. George Caster
  6. Harlond Clift
  7. Roy Cullenbine
  8. Bill DeWitt (Executive)
  9. Bobby Estalella
  10. Rick Ferrell
  11. Denny Galehouse
  12. Joe Grace
  13. Frank Grube
  14. Bob Harris
  15. Header Card
  16. Don Heffner
  17. Fred Hofmann
  18. Wally Judnich
  19. Jack Kramer
  20. Chet Laabs
  21. Johnny Lucadello
  22. George McQuinn
  23. Bob Muncrief
  24. Johnny Niggeling
  25. Fritz Ostermueller
  26. Luke Sewell
  27. Alan Strange
  28. Bob Swift
  29. Zack Taylor
  30. Bill Trotter

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