1941 Editorial Valenciana Boxeadores Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Editorial Valenciana Boxeadores
Year 1941
Size 1 3/4″ x 2″
Images Color
Type Publications
Number in Set

1941 Editorial Valenciana Boxeadores Overview

1941 Editorial Valenciana Joe LouisThis rare set of boxing cards features many of the sport’s greats from the era.

Like many international issues, these cards were intended to be pasted into a collectible album. The album was titled, “Album de Boxeadores” and included a sketch of two fighters inside of a boxing ring. As you might expect, the albums are quite rare.

The cards are thin, featuring color images of boxers on the fronts. At the bottom of the fronts, the boxer’s name is printed in large, all capital letters as well as a brief description.

Shown here, for example, is the card of Hall of Famer, Joe Louis. His description reads in Spanish, ‘Campeon del mundo’ (translated to ‘world champion.’

Some boxers are identified by their full name and others, only their last name. As a Spanish release, the set includes many Latin fighters that will not be familiar to American collectors. But several well known boxers are also included, such as Louis, Max Baer, Jack Sharkey, Primo Carnera, and others.

Additionally, a card number is printed on the bottom of these white bordered cards. As the cards were designed to be pasted into albums, backs of them are blank. The cards are fairly rare but do not sell for a ton of money despite that. They are among the few boxing sets offered during World War II.

A notable typo includes the card of former champion Jack Sharkey — his card incorrectly identifies him as Jack ‘Sarkey.’ A second lists Billy Conn as Billy Coon.

Similar sets with the same style of design were also created by the company under different series’.

1941 Editorial Valenciana Boxeadores Checklist

  1. Pablo Sanchez
  2. Menjibar
  3. Tigre Sanz
  4. Antonio Calleja
  5. Genoves
  6. Gascon
  7. Bolanos
  8. Zuniga
  9. Garcia
  10. Alpanes
  11. Eloy
  12. Alonso
  13. Juanito Martin
  14. Francois Ruzt
  15. Eusebio Librero
  16. Joe Louis
  17. Billy Conn (misspelled as Coon)
  18. Antonio Pina (or No. 15)
  19. Miguel Franca
  20. Peiro
  21. Garcia Alvarez
  22. Meseguer
  23. Gonzalez
  24. Sanchez Calleja
  25. Max Baer
  26. Primo Carnera
  27. Lloveras
  28. Pedro Ros.
  29. Meliton Mesas
  30. Folgado
  31. Pierre Charles
  32. Pepe Martin
  33. Claudio Villar
  34. Chirivella
  35. Angel Felipe (or a different 30s number)
  36. Max Schmeling
  37. Calpe
  38. Uzcudun
  39. Felix Guillen
  40. Kid Chocolate
  41. Jack Sharkey (card reads Jack Sarkey)
  42. Alf Brown
  43. Fortea
  44. Marcial Valero
  45. Sangchill
  46. Solsona
  47. Guerri
  48. Mirasol
  49. TBD
  50. TBD
  51. Martinez Cusat
  52. Ferrer
  53. Guadalupe
  54. Mariano Sanz
  55. Martos
  56. Nick Bensa
  57. Feo Beltran
  58. Ignacio Ara
  59. Sanz
  60. TBD

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