1932 Godfrey Phillips Australian Sporting Celebrities Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Godfrey Phillips Australian Sporting Celebrities
Year 1932
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 5/8″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1932 Godfrey Phillips Australian Sporting Celebrities Overview

1932 Godfrey Phillips Australian Sporting Celebrities Golf.jpgThis issue featured a total of 50 cards and was distributed by international tobacco company Godfrey Phillips. The cards were issued in Australia from the company’s Melbourne location.

Titled Australian Sporting Celebrities, it features just that – cards of Australian athletes. Many sports are included in the set, though the most popular cards are generally those depicting golf and tennis. A card of Eddie Scarf, an Australian wrestler, is also somewhat desirable. On an international level, perhaps the most sought after card is that of cricket star, Don Bradman.

Cards are black and white with the athlete’s name at the bottom. The backs have a biography of the featured athlete as well as a card number, the set name, and the mention of Godfrey Phillips as the issuer.

Rarely seen in the U.S., these are mostly offered from international sellers. As you might expect, most of the names in the set will not be familiar to American collectors.

1932 Godfrey Phillips Australian Sporting Celebrities Checklist

  1. Eddie Scarf
  2. Bill Fowler
  3. Harry Williams
  4. Rufus Stewart
  5. Jock Robertson
  6. Ivo Whitton
  7. Joe Kirkwood
  8. Susie Tolhurst
  9. Tim Banner
  10. Jack Fitt
  11. J.E. Pike
  12. W. Elliot
  13. Jim Munro
  14. H. Skidmore
  15. Bill Duncan
  16. J. Carlton
  17. Ray Taylor
  18. Lionel Davey
  19. Vic Huxley
  20. Walter Lindrum
  21. Bert Hinkler
  22. C. Kingsford-Smith
  23. Norman Brookes
  24. J. Crawford
  25. C. Sproule
  26. Vivian McGrath
  27. Jack Crawford
  28. Harry Hopman
  29. R.W. Lamb
  30. H. Opperman
  31. Don Bradman
  32. Clarrie Grimmett
  33. S.J. McCabe
  34. W. Woodfull
  35. E. Wearne
  36. Claire Dennis
  37. Noel Ryan
  38. A. Charlton
  39. F. Bulte
  40. B. Mealing
  41. Bobby Pearce
  42. G. Golding
  43. W. Barwick
  44. A. Hillhouse
  45. Duncan Gray
  46. Father’s Footsteps
  47. Percy Pavey
  48. Mosstrooper
  49. Carbine
  50. Phar Lap

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