1913 Wills Scissors British Army Boxers Series Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Wills Scissors British Army Boxers Series
Year 1913
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1913 Wills Scissors British Army Boxers Series Overview

1911 Wills Scissors British Army Boxers BoxingThis is one of the more unique boxing tobacco card sets around. Instead of professional fighters, this set featured boxers from the British Army. Cards were distributed by Wills for their Scissors Cigarettes products.

Because of that, most (if not all) of the boxers will not be known by casual fans. But the set is still desirable to boxing collectors largely for its uniqueness and rarity.

These cards are distinctive for their plain look. One could equate them to the stark looking T207 baseball cards, in fact. Backs have a equally interesting look, printed in red ink includes a biography of the fighter and his rank in the army. In addition, a package of Scissors Cigarettes is pictured as well.

Those biographies mentioned a little about the fighter’s career. Most of their mentions were with regard to their performance in international competitions, including in India.

1913 Wills Scissors British Army Boxers Series Checklist

  1. Curran
  2. G. Osborne
  3. F.W. Smith
  4. F. Christian
  5. C.R. Russell
  6. R. Rudd
  7. J. Makins
  8. Sly
  9. G. Adams
  10. Bell
  11. H.C. Harris
  12. Walters
  13. G. Mann
  14. Sayers
  15. S.E. Plant
  16. Lyons
  17. P. Hawkes
  18. McGill
  19. Towers
  20. H. Curzon
  21. G. Robson
  22. E. Duffy
  23. W. Chivers
  24. G. Gates
  25. Sinker
  26. William Connor
  27. E.J. Giddings
  28. T. Holloway
  29. J. Shepperd
  30. A. Sherwood
  31. Kays
  32. J. Nelson
  33. Smith
  34. H. Homes
  35. J.W. Masters
  36. F. Glenny
  37. Fowler
  38. H. Donnelly
  39. E. Dwyer
  40. Bielby
  41. Strickland
  42. W. Daniels
  43. J. Sgsworth

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