1942 Adam Hats Sam Taub’s Ring Personalities Matchbooks Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Adam Hats Sam Taub’s Ring Personalities Matchbooks
Year 1942
Size 1 9/16″ x 4 7/16″ (Approximate)
Images Color
Type Miscellaneous
Number in Set

1942 Adam Hats Sam Taub’s Ring Personalities Matchbooks Overview

Battling Siki Adam Hats Sam Taub MatchbookThese matchbook covers were printed in 1942 as advertisements for Adam Hats as well as the clothiers that sold them. They were created by the Universal Match Corporation of New York.

One side of the matchbook was printed in color with an image of a man wearing an Adam hat and the location of a retailer offering them. The other side, printed in only black and white, served as the inside of the matchbook cover and included the title “Sam Taub’s Ring Personalities” as well as the description of a fighter. Taub was a boxing media/radio personality.

The somewhat unique part of the description was that it was more of a trivia question. Taub’s writeup included a description of the boxer and his name was saved for the end at the bottom. That side also stated that particular matchbook cover was one in a series of others and included the copyright date of 1942, helping us to date this issue. That is, of course, helpful since the checklist includes fighters from various eras, including the 19th century through the then present time.

One detraction from this set is that while it included descriptions of the boxers, no pictures of those fighters were used.

As with other matchbook issues, those still complete with the matches inside are worth a premium. Those, however, are quite rare.

1942 Adam Hats Sam Taub’s Ring Personalities Matchbooks Checklist

  1. Abe Attell
  2. James Braddock
  3. Tommy Burns
  4. Tony Canzoneri
  5. Georges Carpentier
  6. Jim Corbett
  7. Jack Dempsey
  8. Mike Donovan
  9. Joe Dundee
  10. Johnnie Dundee
  11. Bob Fitzsimmons
  12. Joe Gans
  13. Young Griffo
  14. James Jeffries
  15. Stanley Ketchell
  16. Kid Chocolate
  17. Benny Leonard
  18. Joe Louis
  19. Joe Lynch
  20. Jack McAuliffe
  21. Kid McCoy
  22. Terry McGovern
  23. Jimmy McLarnin
  24. Philadelphia Jack O’Brien
  25. Barney Ross
  26. Battling Siki
  27. John Sullivan
  28. Gene Tunney
  29. Joe Walcott
  30. Jimmy Wilde

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