1932 Haus Bergmann Sport-Karikaturen Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Haus Bergmann Sport-Karikaturen
Year 1932
Size 1 3/4″ x 2 3/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set
40 (30 in Book 1 and 10 in Book 2)

1932 Haus Bergmann Sport-Karikaturen Set Overview

1932 Haus Bergmann Sport-Karikaturen Tennis1932 Haus Bergmann Sport-Karikaturen Hockey Gustav JaeneckeThis issue was distributed by German tobacco company Haus Bergmann for inclusion in its cigarette products. The company created other sets as well, including sets for movie stars and one for the Olympic games.

Called ‘Sport-Karikaturen,’ this issue features caricatures of famous athletes. They were the work of artist Walter Trier, a German who was known in part for his cartoons that were anti-Nazi. Most notably, sports include hockey, boxing, soccer, and tennis, among others. Two different sets make up this issue. One is referred to the Book 1 set and has a total of 30 cards. A Book 2 set was also created and that one has only ten.

Fronts of the cards feature color images of athletes as well as their name, the Sport-Karikaturen name, and a card number. As they are caricatures, the pictures are only loose representations of the athletes. They are certainly more defined than some issues, such as the 1932 Godfrey Phillips Personalities of Today set, which was distributed in the same year. But the caricatures are just that – caricatures.

Backs of the cards provide a brief biography as well as a mention that albums for these cards were also available.

The more notable cards for American collectors are those of German hockey player Gustav Jaenecke, boxer Max Schmeling, and tennis greats Bill Tilden and Helen Wills. Other cards featuring boxers are also quite desirable.

1932 Haus Bergmann Sport-Karikaturen Checklist

A complete checklist of this set can be seen here.

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