1929 Major Drapkin Limericks Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Major Drapkin Limericks
Year 1929
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 1/2″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1929 Major Drapkin Limericks Set Overview

1929 Sarony Saronicks Tennis.jpgThis creative set featured limericks and humorous pictures. It included 50 cards and was issued by Major Drapkin & Company, a tobacco company in England that was a branch of the United Kingdom Tobacco Company. Cards were distributed inside packs of Major Drapkin cigarettes.

The pictures utilized color but only hints of it. The front had a cartoon image and the back was a clever limerick about the scene shown.

It is mostly a non-sports set but does include a tennis card (No. 45). The tennis card, as shown here, pictures a lovesick man reaching over the net for a woman during a game of tennis.

The tennis limerick, as an example, is as follows:

There was a young fellow of Ennis
Who was very effective at tennis
The way he said ‘love’
Made each turtle dove
Think the racquet more mighty than pen is

Note that this set (the same cards and checklist) was also issued by Sarony for their packages of cigarettes. The link is that, like Major Drapkin, Sarony was also a branch of the UK Tobacco Company. The Major Drapkin cards are narrower than the Sarony ones.

1929 Major Drapkin Limericks Set Checklist

  1. Hosts
  2. Expert on Skis
  3. Small Boy
  4. Spinster
  5. Lady of Joppa
  6. Bear at Zoo
  7. Psyche
  8. Silent Man
  9. Lady of Flint
  10. Scott the Painter
  11. Man of Blackheath
  12. Woman of Churston
  13. Man of Belsize
  14. Man of the Nore
  15. Tommy and Colonel Beak
  16. Jew and Scotsman
  17. Bagdad (sp.) Lad
  18. War Office Man
  19. Tyne Man
  20. Dame of Dunbar
  21. Man of Calcutta
  22. Major
  23. Fellow of Tyre
  24. Bianca
  25. Wright
  26. Kueue Bus
  27. Absolute Lamb
  28. Seedsman of Leeds
  29. Man of Nantucket
  30. Willie and Perfume
  31. Lady of Crewe
  32. Batavia Barber
  33. Lady of Wilts
  34. Padua Nurse
  35. Lady of Settle
  36. Pelican
  37. Couple in Sydenham
  38. Vicar of Bray
  39. Man of Peru
  40. Jock from Dundee
  41. Fellow of Clewer
  42. Fellow of Bootle
  43. Lady of Diss
  44. Lady of Jarrow
  45. Tennis
  46. Fellow of Bristol
  47. Sandy M’Veetie
  48. Flute Tutor
  49. Young Fatty
  50. Not a Star

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