1928 Player’s Pugilists in Action Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Player’s Pugilists in Action
Year 1932
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1928 Player’s Pugilists in Action Set Overview

Jack Dempsey 1928 Player's Pugilists in Action BoxingThis release issued by Player and Sons tobacco company for its Player’s cigarette packages in 1928. 50 cards are in the set, which features famous boxers. The set was one of several that Player’s created with boxers in it.

The set parallels the 1928 Ogden Pugilists in Action using the same pictures and checklist. The cards are virtually the same except with regards to the sponsor. First, instead of the Ogden name on the front, the distributor on the Player’s cards is not printed there. The backs are different as well as the Player’s backs do not have biographies of the subjects. Instead, a cartoon picture of one of Player’s products is shown.

While some cards have a lighter background, overall, the cards have a darker-than-normal appearance, such as the Jack Dempsey shown here. Hall of Famers Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney lead the way on this popular set.


Collectors should note that at least one variation exists. Card No. 17 names the fighter as Jack Hyams on some cards and Kid Froggy on others. I have seen the Kid Froggy name more often than Hyams but am not sure if that is just my own specific experience or if Froggy is indeed the more common name. I also cannot yet confirm if the card has both variations in the similar Ogden set.

Other variations may exist. However, this is the only one I know about to date.

1928 Player’s Pugilists in Action Set Checklist

  1. Teddy Baker
  2. Teddy Baldock
  3. Alf Barber
  4. Kid Berg
  5. Archie Bell
  6. Tommy Berry
  7. Johnny Brown – Hamilton
  8. Johnny Brown – St. Georges
  9. Young Johnny Brown
  10. Elky Clark
  11. Harry Corbett
  12. Johnny Curley
  13. Johnny Cuthbert
  14. Gipsy Daniels
  15. Jack Dempsey
  16. Frank Fowler
  17. Kid Froggy or Jack Hyams (two variations)
  18. Johnny Hill
  19. Jack Hood
  20. Alex Ireland
  21. Ernie Jarvis
  22. Len Johnson
  23. Fidel La Barba
  24. Phil Lolosky
  25. Tommy McInnes
  26. Al Mancini
  27. Harry Mason
  28. Tommy Milligan
  29. Frank Moody
  30. Ted Moore
  31. Teddy Murton
  32. Con O’Kelly
  33. Paolino
  34. Ernie Rice
  35. Bob Rimmer
  36. Joe Rolfe
  37. Ted Sandwina
  38. Phil Scott
  39. Don Shortland
  40. Charlie Smith
  41. Kid Socks
  42. Bob Spiller
  43. Jack Stanley
  44. Young Stanley
  45. Johnny Sullivan
  46. Roland Todd
  47. Gene Tunney
  48. Mickey Walke
  49. George West
  50. Fred Young

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