1887 Lorillard’s Mechanics Delight Set and Checklist (N269)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Lorillard’s Mechanics Delight
Year 1887
Size 2 3/8″ x 3 3/4″
Images Sepia
Type 19th Century Tobacco
Number in Set

1887 Lorillard’s Mechanics Delight Set Overview

N269 09 Jack McAuliffe.jpgThese incredible set of 19th Century boxing cards was issued in 1887 by Lorillard’s Mechanics Delight long cut tobacco products. Even the advertising slogan for the cards had a boxing theme, stating that Lorillard’s tobacco ‘has an unbeaten record.’

It is a 50-card set that is significantly larger counting all of the known variations, such as light color tinting differences on the pictures as well as identifying print at the bottom (that print is sometimes present in the lower border area and other times, left off).

Lithography for the set was by Ballin & Liebler, located on Park Place in New York. Boxers are depicted either looking off to the left or the right.

The set is headlined by two cards of John Sullivan and also found in the set is the ‘other’ Jack Dempsey, Nonpareil Dempsey.

The creator must have liked the idea of giving John Sullivan another card but still keeping the set to 50 advertised cards. While Sullivan has to different poses in the set, both are No. 17. One pose has Sullivan facing more towards the front than the other, which shows his head completely sideways.

Backs of the cards have a history of the fighter’s performances making them somewhat unique compared other issues.

1887 Lorillard’s Mechanics Delight Set Checklist

  1. Joe Goss
  2. George Fulljames
  3. Herbert Slade
  4. William Sheriff
  5. John Clark
  6. John Flood
  7. Steve Taylor
  8. Mike Cleary
  9. Jack McAuliffe
  10. Charlie Mitchell
  11. Billy Edwards
  12. Jem Smith
  13. Jem Mace
  14. John Cheenan
  15. Tug Wilson
  16. Paddy Ryan
  17. John Sullivan (two different cards)
  18. Tom Sayers
  19. Patsy Hogan
  20. Joe Pendergast
  21. Arthur Chambers
  22. Billy Madden
  23. Yankee Sullivan
  24. Pete McCoy
  25. Jem Carney
  26. Harry Woodson
  27. Alf. Greenfield
  28. Owney Geoghegan
  29. Jack Burke
  30. Joe Coburn
  31. Jimmy Elliot
  32. George LaBlanche
  33. Tom Hyer
  34. Patsy Cardiff
  35. Jack Ashton
  36. Ike Weir
  37. Joe Lannon
  38. John Reagan
  39. Jimmy Mitchell
  40. Jack Dempsey
  41. Patsy Sheppard
  42. Bill Poole
  43. Jake Kilrain
  44. John Morrissey
  45. Johnny Dwyer
  46. Dom McCaffrey
  47. Sam Collyer
  48. Tommy Warren
  49. Mike Coburn
  50. Tom Allen