1947-48 Smiths Oakland Oaks Sets (H801-3) and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Smiths Oakland Oaks (H801-3)
Year 1947-1948
Size 2″ x 3″
Images Black and White
Type Trade
Number in Set
25 (in each set)

1947-48 Smiths Oakland Oaks Overview

Casey Stengel 1948 Smiths Oakland OaksThe Oakland Oaks minor league baseball team is one that was featured in several sets. Among those were the 1947 and 1948 Smiths sets. Both sets are cataloged as H801-3 in the American Card Catalog.

The set was issued by Smiths clothing store. Technically, the actual name of the store may have been Smith’s. However, a large sign in front of the store and the backs of these cards identify the store as Smiths (without the apostrophe).

The cards featured members of the Oakland Oaks’ 1947 and 1948 teams. Several of the players are found in both sets. Black and white pictures of players are on the front, along with their name and position at the bottom. Backs of the cards included a short biography of the player as well as a pictorial representation of the Smiths store, as well as their address and a representation that the store was the “Largest men’s and boys’ store west of Chicago.”

As is the case in other Oakland Oaks’ set, the set is headlined by their Hall of Fame manager, Casey Stengel in terms of name recognition. However, the real gem of the set is card No. 22 featuring Max Marshall, which is said to have been shortprinted.

In addition to this release, Smiths also created a 1948 set. Those cards have basically the same look as the 1947 cards but with a glossy card stock. Stengel is again featured there and, while there is no known shortprint, he leads the set with another famous manager, Billy Martin, who was a player on the team.

1947-48 Smiths Oakland Oaks Checklists

1947 Set

  1. Casey Stengel
  2. Billy Raimondi
  3. Les Scarsella
  4. Brooks Holder
  5. Ray Hamrick
  6. Gene Lillard
  7. Maurice Van Robays
  8. Charlie Gassaway
  9. Henry Cotton Pippen
  10. James Arnold
  11. Buck Buxton
  12. Ambrose Palica
  13. Tony Sabol
  14. Ed Kearse
  15. Bill Hart
  16. Donald Snuffy Smith
  17. Mickey Burnett
  18. Tom Hafey
  19. Will Hafey
  20. Paul Gillespie
  21. Damon Hayes
  22. Max Marshall
  23. Mel Duezabou
  24. Mel Reeves
  25. Joe Faria

1948 Set

  1. Bill Raimondi
  2. Brooks Holder
  3. Will Hafey
  4. Nick Etten
  5. Lloyd Christopher
  6. Les Scarsella
  7. Ray Hamrick
  8. Gene Lillard
  9. Maurice Van Robays
  10. Charlie Gassaway
  11. Ralph Buck Buxton
  12. Tom Hafey
  13. Damon Hayes
  14. Mel Duezabou
  15. Dario Lodigiani
  16. Vic Buccola
  17. Billy Martin
  18. Floyd Speer
  19. Eddie Samcoff
  20. Casey Stengel
  21. Lloyd Hittle
  22. Johnny Babich
  23. Merrill Combs
  24. Eddie Murphy
  25. Bob Klinger

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