1940 Buffalo Bisons Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Buffalo Bisons Set
Year 1940
Size 2″ x 3″
Images Black and White
Type Miscellaneous
Number in Set

1940 Buffalo Bisons Set Overview

Sal Maglie 1940 Buffalo BisonsThe 1940 Buffalo Bisons team card set pictured the team’s players in a variety of poses at their stadium.

Fronts of the cards included black and white player images, along with their name and position at the bottom. Backs repeated that printed information and added a biography of the player in question.

A total of 24 cards were in the set. While none of the players were superstars, the majority actually reached the big leagues, including All-Stars Sal Maglie, Clyde McCullough, Pat Mullin, and Fred Hutchinson. The back of Hutchinson’s card, in particular, called him ‘one of the brightest pitching prospects in baseball.’

The cards are very tough to come by. They rarely show up on eBay or even in auction houses. Even commons in decent shape typically start around $100 and asking prices can be significantly higher due to the rarity.

Other Bisons Issues

In the 1930s, other pre-war Buffalo Bisons issues were also created in addition to this set.

In 1933, the team distributed puzzles of about 20 individual players. In 1934, they issued a set of photos approximately 4″ x 7″ in size. Only four are known to be in that rare set, so finding more photos in the future doesn’t seem like an impossibility at this point.

Additionally, a set of stamp cutouts was offered in 1937 as part of a promotion with Kendall Gas.

1940 Buffalo Bisons Set Checklist

  1. Ollie Carnegie
  2. Dan Carnevale
  3. Earl Cook
  4. Les Fleming
  5. Floyd Giebell
  6. Jimmy Hutch
  7. Fred Hutchinson
  8. Art Jacobs
  9. John Kroner
  10. Sal Maglie
  11. Joe Martin
  12. Clyde McCullough
  13. Greg Mulleavv
  14. Pat Mullin
  15. Hank Nowak
  16. Steve O’Neil
  17. Jimmy Outlaw
  18. Joe Rogalski
  19. Les Scarsella
  20. Mayo Smith
  21. Floyd Stromme
  22. Jim Trexler
  23. Hal White
  24. Frank Zubik

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