1936 Donat Indiana-Sport Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Donat Indiana-Sport
Year 1936
Size 2 3/8″ x 3″
Images Black and White / Blue Tint
Type Gum and Candy Cards
Number in Set

1936 Donat Indiana-Sport Overview

indiana sport boxing

The 1936 Donat Indiana-Sport set is a multi-sport release from France.

Most fronts of the card feature a black and white image with the ‘Indiana-Sport’ name in bold, black letters at the bottom. Below that is a caption of what is being depicted as well as a card number. While most cards have black and white images, collectors should be aware that some of the cards are printed with a blue ink tint instead.

The backs state that there are 136 cards in the set and that the set is a ‘DONAT’ product. That is a reference to the apparent producer, printed at the very bottom, Jean-Donat Dupont, and Donat was a confectionery company offering products such as bon bons.

Backs indicate there are supposed to be 136 cards in this set but that is not correct. Instead, the set is believed to comprise only 100. That is similar to some of the company’s other sets, which also sometimes stated they had 136 cards in them. A firm date on them is unknown but they appear to have been issued in 1936 based on at least one card referencing an 1935 event.

The set includes athletes from many sports, including boxing, tennis, wrestling, soccer, racing, and track and field, among others. As a French issue, the Tour de France is also featured on several cards. The set is led by tennis Hall of Famers Bill Tilden and Helen Wills-Moody. Early wrestling star Strangler Lewis is found on a pair of cards, too. Finally, the famed distance runner Paavo Nurmi is also included.

Finally, an ice hockey game is also pictured on one card. However, the subjects on it have not been identified.

Variations and Other Sets

babe ruth indiana sport avionTwo things have caused some confusion surrounding this set. First, there are actually two variations of these Indiana-Sport cards. While the subjects are believed to be the same in them, some images may be cropped differently and the font in the three variations is different.

One type has the Indiana-Sport letters closer together and in a second, they are significantly farther apart.

In addition, the company produced some other sets, including one featuring cowboys and Indians. However, the confusing set with regards to this one is one that is simply named Indiana-Sport-Avion. That set includes a valuable card of Babe Ruth, which is pictured here, and it also includes a Joe Louis boxing card as well as a card picturing an American football game.

That one is a completely different (and smaller) set. In general because of the Ruth card, that is probably the more ‘known’ one.

1936 Donat Indiana-Sport Checklist

  1. TBD
  2. TBD
  3. Aviron Huit Barge
  4. France-Italie Fencing
  5. Sonja Heine (Ice Skating)
  6. Hockey sur Glace (Hockey)
  7. TBD
  8. Trimoteur L’emeraude
  9. Autogyre
  10. Comet
  11. Doret
  12. Codos et Rossi
  13. Detroyat
  14. Delmotte
  15. Marcel Thil (Boxing)
  16. Edwards vs. Freddie Miller (Boxing)
  17. Humery vs. Kid Berg (Boxing)
  18. Young Perez (Boxing)
  19. Huat vs. Pladner (Boxing)
  20. Marcel Thil vs. Vilda Jack (Boxing)
  21. Al Brown (Boxing)
  22. Angelmann vs. Huguenin (Boxing)
  23. Deglane (Wrestling)
  24. Deglane vs. Kwariani (Wrestling)
  25. Rigoulot (Wrestling)
  26. Deglane vs. Strangler Lewis (Wrestling)
  27. Strangler Lewis vs. Kwariani (Wrestling)
  28. Michot vs. Santen (Wrestling)
  29. Paoli vs. Rigoulot (Wrestling)
  30. Glen Hardin
  31. Lancement du Poids
  32. Torrance
  33. TBD
  34. Ladoumegue
  35. Saut a la Perche
  36. Robert Paul
  37. Roger Rochard
  38. Sera Martin
  39. Paavo Nurmi
  40. Saut en Hauteur-Mouchet
  41. Hiden Saute Devant Courtois
  42. France-Espagne
  43. R.C. Paris-Rennes
  44. Red Star-F.C. Sete
  45. R.C. Paris-F.C. Sete
  46. S.O. Montpelier-O.L. Lillois
  47. F. Vervaecke
  48. Paris-Roubaix Rebry
  49. Tour D’Italie 1935
  50. Piemontesi – Di Paco
  51. Michard-Gerardin
  52. TBD
  53. Tour de France 1934
  54. Speicher-Le Greves
  55. TBD
  56. TBD
  57. Le Calves
  58. Dirt Track
  59. Moto-Acrabaties
  60. Bordeaux-Paris Merviel
  61. Lacquehay-Ronsse
  62. TBD
  63. Lancanshire-Selection Francaise
  64. Narbonne Stade-Francais
  65. Max Roussie
  66. France-Angelterre
  67. Boussus (Tennis)
  68. Bill Tilden (Tennis)
  69. Bill Tilden (Tennis)
  70. TBD
  71. Jacques Brugnon (Tennis)
  72. Henri Cochet (Tennis)
  73. Von Cramm (Tennis)
  74. Helen Wills Moody (typed ‘Moody Wills’) (Tennis)
  75. Mme. Mathieu (Tennis)
  76. Miss Jacobs (Tennis)
  77. TBD
  78. Marcel Bernard (Tennis)
  79. Merlin (Tennis)
  80. TBD
  81. Jean Borotra (Tennis)
  82. TBD
  83. Lepage
  84. Water-Polo
  85. TBD
  86. Taris
  87. Yvonne Godard
  88. Cartonnet
  89. Plongeon de Poussard
  90. Rigolage
  91. Louis Chiron
  92. Sommer
  93. Trossi
  94. Stuck von Williez
  95. Dreyfus
  96. Fagioli
  97. Benoist
  98. Varzi
  99. Zehender
  100. Guy Moll

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