1928 Amatller Chocolates Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Amatller Chocolates
Year 1928
Size 3″ x 4 1/4″
Images Color
Type Candy and Caramel Cards
Number in Set

1928 Amatller Chocolates Overview

1928 Amatller Chocolate Boxing.jpgThis international set featured boxers from around the world, including many big names. Most notably, Hall of Famers Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, and Georges Carpentier are all featured.

Cards in the set have colored pictures on the front. The Amatller Chocolates name is on the front in light blue ink as is the boxer’s name.

Backs are in Spanish and were printed in blue ink. They have the Amatller Chocolates name (Chocolate Amatller) and include a brief description of the boxer(s) pictured on the front. Some boxers have more than one card in the set, including Dempsey and Tunney, who each have several.

Despite being an international issue, the cards aren’t too rare in the U.S. these days. They aren’t exactly plentiful but aren’t terribly difficult to find, either. The rarity is really interesting, given that other Amatller sets are much harder to find in the U.S., including a 1924 movie star set that featured football player Red Grange and a generic sports issue believed to be issued in the 1930s.

1928 Amatller Chocolates Checklist

  1. Ricardo Alis
  2. Georges Carpentier
  3. Antonio Ruiz
  4. Jack Sharkey
  5. Jose Grones
  6. Tomas Cola
  7. Jim Moran
  8. Pedro Antonio
  9. Pedro Saez
  10. Georges Cook
  11. Hilario Martinez
  12. Battling Siki
  13. Young Ciclone
  14. Luis Vallespin
  15. Piet Hobin
  16. Rene Lacadre
  17. Barthelemy Molina
  18. Uzcudun vs. Zamora
  19. Uzcudun
  20. Uzcudun
  21. Ermonio Spalla
  22. Spalla vs. Uzcudun
  23. Spalla vs. Uzcudun
  24. Spalla vs. Uzcudun
  25. Gene Tunney
  26. Gene Tunney
  27. Gene Tunney
  28. Jack Dempsey
  29. Dempsey vs. Brighton
  30. Dempsey vs. Rickard
  31. Tunney vs. Dempsey
  32. Dempsey vs. Tunney
  33. Jack Taylor
  34. Harry Persons
  35. Elky Clark
  36. Jim Maloney
  37. Mike McTigue
  38. Victor Ferraro

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