1913 Cope’s Music Hall Artistes Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title 1913 Cope’s Music Hall Artistes
Year 1913
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1913 Cope’s Music Hall Artistes Overview

George Hackenschmidt Cope Music Hall Artistes.jpgThis unique issue was distributed by Cope Brothers & Company based out of Liverpool and London. These cards were distributed in their 1913 Cope’s Cigarettes packages.

The set is mostly a non-sports issue featuring performers that would be seen in a music hall with many being comedians, musicians, and actors/actresses. However, wrestler George Hackenschmidt is featured as a subject on Card No. 46. Hackenschmidt was one of the top pre-war wrestling figures and was a regular inclusion in multi-sport sets.

Hackenschmidt is really considered to be the only athlete in this set, though a small case could be made for Paul Cinequevalli (Card No. 11), who was a professional acrobat and juggler. Cinequevalli also was cited as a prize-winning athlete as a child, though his sports and achievements are not noted.

The cards include colorful pictures of the front with a card number and his/her name at the bottom. Backs include a biography of the subject as well as the title of the set, Music Hall Artistes.

Finally, two types of these cards are known to exist. The fronts are the same on both types but some backs mention the card is part of a Series of 50 while others do not.

The set is somewhat rare but as non-sports cards, most can typically be found in the $10-$15 range when they are seen. However, the Hackenschmidt cards typically sell for a bit more.

1913 Cope’s Music Hall Artistes Checklist

  1. Harry Lauder
  2. Gus Elen
  3. Harry Tate
  4. Joe Elvin
  5. Little Tich
  6. George Robey
  7. George Lashwood
  8. Little Souttar
  9. Phil Ray
  10. George Mozart
  11. Paul Cinquevalli
  12. Harry Randall
  13. Wilkie Bard
  14. Malcolm Scott
  15. Bransby Williams
  16. Alec Hurley
  17. Eugene Stratton
  18. Dutch Daly
  19. G.H. Chirgwin
  20. Tom Costello
  21. Vesta Victoria
  22. Victoria Monks
  23. Russell Wallett
  24. G.H. Elliott
  25. George Gilbey
  26. Fred Earle
  27. Fred Kitchen
  28. Alexandra Dagmar
  29. Hetty King
  30. Cecilia Loftus
  31. Ida Rene
  32. Marie Dainton
  33. Happy Fields
  34. Peggy Pryde
  35. Percy Honri
  36. Whit Cunliffe
  37. Neil Kenyon
  38. George Formby
  39. La Milo
  40. Tom Foy
  41. George Bastow
  42. Sammy Shields
  43. R.G. Knowles
  44. Mark Sheridan
  45. Poluski Brothers
  46. George Hackenschmidt
  47. Florrie Forde
  48. Marie Lloyd
  49. Morny Cash
  50. Mike Whallen

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