1893 Lorillard’s Red Cross Tobacco Boxing Positions & Boxers Set and Checklist (N266)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Lorillard’s Red Cross Tobacco Boxing Positions & Boxers (N266)
Year 1893
Size 2 1/4″ x 4″
Images Color
Type 19th Century Tobacco
Number in Set

1893 Lorillard’s Red Cross Tobacco Boxing Positions & Boxers Overview

N266 Carney vs Mitchell Boxing.jpgThese boxing cards were among the more unique ones of the 19th century. Interestingly, while this is undoubtedly a boxing set, some of the cards depict wrestling moves.

Produced by Lorillard’s for their Red Cross Tobacco brand, each card featured depictions of a fight by two boxers. But the pictures also served a secondary purpose of demonstrating a particular boxing action. The set is highlighted by cards featuring John Sullivan, Peter Jackson, Nonpareil Dempsey, and James Corbett, among others.

A title of said action was printed at the top with the scene playing out below. The names of the two boxers pictured were printed beneath their images and the backs included some details of the specific fight, including boxers’ weights, the amount of money up for grabs, and the location and winner.

While they are similar to other instructional issues, they are different in that many of those types of set featured generic subjects and were not picturing actions in real fights.

Finally, an odd variation of these cards minus the advertising has shown up as well. While they remain a bit of a mystery, they have sold for big money in the past.

1893 Lorillard’s Red Cross Tobacco Boxing Positions & Boxers Checklist

  1. Burns vs. McCarthy
  2. Carney vs. Mitchell
  3. Chambers vs. Clark
  4. Choyinski vs. Goddard
  5. Corbett vs. Sullivan
  6. Dawson vs. Needham
  7. De Baum vs. Campbell
  8. Dixon vs. Johnson
  9. Donovan vs. McCaffrey
  10. Edwards vs. Collyer
  11. Fitzsimmons vs. Dempsey
  12. Frazer vs. Daly
  13. Godfrey vs. Lannon
  14. Griffin vs. Lynch
  15. Hall vs. Pritchard
  16. Jackson vs. Slavin
  17. Kilrain vs. Smith
  18. McAuliffe vs. Myers
  19. McCoy vs. Reagan
  20. Mitchell vs. Burke
  21. Michell vs. LaBlanche
  22. Murphy vs. Weir
  23. Plimmer vs. Kelly
  24. Ryan vs. McAuliffe
  25. Smith vs. Van Heest