1932 La Pie Qui Chante Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title La Pie Qui Chante
Year 1932
Size 1 1/8″ x 1 15/16″
Images Black and White
Type Gum/Candy
Number in Set

1932 La Pie Qui Chante Overview

1932 La Pie Qui Chante Tennis1932 La Pie Qui Chante Boxing Jack DempseyThese cards were created by La Pie Qui Chante, a French candy company. A multi-sport issue, the set includes boxing, tennis, auto racing, track and field, and more.

Fronts of the cards featured black and white photos with the subject’s name. The backs included a biography. Backs also had a message in French about the set, stating that buyers should collect the third series of 90 photos, which was this set.

Fronts have a card number with a ‘B’ prefix. La Pie Qui Chante printed other series’ with different prefixes, including a movie stars set with a ‘Q’ prefix.

The set is highlighted by Jack Dempsey and two cards of Gene Tunney. In addition to those boxing legends, several tennis Hall of Famers are also included, such as Bill Tilden.

1932 La Pie Qui Chante Checklist

The complete checklist for this set can be seen here.

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