1930 Palmin Six Sayings for the Youth Set and Checklist

It’s in the Details

Title Palmin Six Sayings for the Youth
Year 1930
Size 2″ x 2 1/2″
Images Color
Type Food
Number in Set

1930 Palmin Six Sayings for the Youth Overview

1930 Palmin Youth Sayings BoxingThis series was printed for Palmin, a coconut oil product in Germany. Like other Palmin cards, this particular set is really a subset of a massive issue.

This subset is called Sechs Sprüche für die Jugend. Translated, it means, Six Sayings for the Youth.

The issue is mostly a non-sports set. However, one card in it is notable as it features a boxing image. The saying on the boxing card is, “Nur in gesundem körper ein gesunder zeit.” Roughly translated, that means, “A healthy time only in a healthy body.” Fitness is clearly the theme of that card based on the saying and the scene depicting boys boxing and exercising.

Regarding the other cards, most appear to depict children in various activities such as playing musical instruments, or performing labor in carpentry and metal working. One simply shows children outside on a hill with that particular phrase saying (translated), ‘Youth is drunkenness without wine’.

The cards are printed in color with a caption at the bottom. Backs include text and all text on the cards is in German.

Today, the cards are somewhat rare in the U.S., though not impossible to find. They are part of one small subset of a larger series created by Palmin that included other subjects.

1930 Palmin Six Sayings for the Youth Checklist

  1. Musicians
  2. Metalworkers
  3. Boxing (Exercise)
  4. Carpentry
  5. Students
  6. Children with Sun

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