1923 B. Morris & Sons Golf Strokes Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title B. Morris & Sons Golf Strokes
Year 1923
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1923 B. Morris & Sons Golf Strokes Overview

1923 B. Morris Sons Golf StrokesThese cards were distributed by London tobacco company, B. Morris and Sons, Ltd. with Morris’s High-Grade Cigarettes product.

Issued in 1923, these cards were similar to several tennis series’ which illustrated various strokes used in that sport. 1923, for example, was the same year Sarony issued a tennis strokes set.

These cards featured black and white player images against a light brown/pale background. The images themselves or the tips appear to be the work of Arthur G. Havers, as his name appears on the front. Backs feature a brief instructional for the shot that is depicted.

The back also has the B. Morris & Sons name as well as the Morris High-Grade Cigarette brand, mentioning the cards were issued with that product.

Of note is that several of the clubs used on the cards are now obsolete, including the niblick, mashie, and brassie (a 2-wood). These types of clubs are not generally used by players today.

1923 B. Morris & Sons Golf Strokes Checklist

  1. Stance and Addres
  2. Top of Swing
  3. Finish of Swing
  4. Stance for Pull
  5. Top Swing for Pull
  6. Finish of Swing
  7. Stance for Slice
  8. Top of Swing for Slice
  9. Finish of Swing
  10. Stance for Brassie/Driver
  11. Finish of Swing
  12. Stance for Brassie/Driver
  13. Finish of Swing
  14. Stance for Full Shot
  15. Top of Swing for Cleek
  16. Finish of Swing
  17. Stance for Iron Shot
  18. Top of Swing
  19. Finish of Swing
  20. Stance for Mashie Shot
  21. Top of Swing for Mashie Shot
  22. Finish of Swing
  23. Stance for Niblick Shot
  24. Finish of Swing
  25. Stance for Putting

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