1914 Marsuma Golf Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Marsuma Golf
Year 1914
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1914 Marsuma Golf Overview

1914 Marsuma GolfThis interesting series is unidentifiable from the fronts to collectors not familiar with them as no text is present. The cards are only identified on the backs as an issue from Marsuma Pure Virginia Cigarettes packages from the Marsuma Company.

Fronts picture black and white golfers and, as identified on the backs, several of them were to be put together to form a complete picture. While it references a total of seven pictures, there are actually 50 cards in the set that make up those images.

Actual golfers were used in the photographs and are named on the backs. As several cards made up one image, there are not a total of 50 different golfers pictured in the set. The release includes several Hall of Fame players, such as Harry Vardon, James Braid, and J.H. Taylor, among others.

One distinctive feature of the cards is that they have a pale gold colored border. Finding them in high-grade condition is often difficult.

1914 Marsuma Golf Checklist

  1. Harry Vardon (Hands)
  2. Harry Vardon
  3. Harry Vardon
  4. James Braid
  5. James Braid
  6. James Braid
  7. James Braid
  8. James Braid
  9. James Braid
  10. James Braid
  11. James Braid
  12. James Braid
  13. Edward Ray
  14. Edward Ray
  15. George Duncan
  16. George Duncan
  17. J.H. Taylor
  18. J.H. Taylor
  19. John Ball
  20. John Ball
  21. C. Mayo
  22. Arnaud Massy
  23. H.H. Hilton
  24. H.H. Hilton
  25. J.H. Taylor
  26. J.H. Taylor
  27. J.H. Taylor
  28. J.H. Taylor
  29. J.H. Taylor
  30. J.H. Taylor
  31. James Braid
  32. James Braid
  33. James Braid
  34. Harry Vardon
  35. Harry Vardon
  36. Harry Vardon
  37. C. Mayo
  38. Walter Travis
  39. H.H. Hilton
  40. J.H. Taylor
  41. J.H. Taylor
  42. J.H. Taylor
  43. J.H. Taylor
  44. J.H. Taylor
  45. J.H. Taylor
  46. James Braid
  47. James Braid
  48. E. Blackwell
  49. Walter Travis
  50. H.H. Hilton

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