1941 Huskies Cereal Trade Card

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Huskies Cereal Trade Card
Year 1941
Size 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Food / Trade Card
Number in Set

1941 Huskies Cereal Trade Card Overview

1941 Huskies Cereal Trade CardThis advertising trade card was distributed to help promote Huskies Whole Wheat Flakes cereal.

The front features a pair of Cincinnati Reds All-Star players in pitcher Johnny Vander Meer and first baseman Frank McCormick. In addition to a black and white image of the pair, the front also includes replica signatures. Both were named to several All-Star teams and McCormick was the 1940 National League Most Valuable Player after leading the league in hits for the third straight season. Both helped the Reds win the 1940 World Series.

The back of the card has an advertisement for Huskies. A cartoon illustration of a Huskies Whole Wheat Flakes box is shown with it bearing arms, legs, and a baseball cap while preparing to swing a baseball bat.

The cereal box has a message bubble that includes the names of other apparent endorsers of the product, including Lou Gehrig, Bill Terry, and Oscar Vitt. Vander Meer’s and McCormick’s names, however, are listed first in the group of players mentioned.

While it is not clear how these cards were distributed, they could have been part of a joint promotion with Cincinnati WKRC radio station. In small print at the bottom of the back, collectors are encouraged to listen to Boake Carter, a popular national news broadcaster, on their station during weekday evenings.

These cards, like many other trade issues, are quite rare. They can be classified either as a food issue or a trade card, so I have listed them in both areas of the site.

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