1926 Allen’s Wrestlers Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Allen’s Wrestlers
Year 1926
Size 2″ x 2 7/8″
Images Black and White
Type Candy and Caramel Cards
Number in Set

1926 Allen’s Wrestlers Set Overview

1924 Allens Wrestlers WrestlingThis unique 1920s candy set features wrestlers and various wrestling holds.

This set was created by Allen’s Confectionery Company based out of Australia. They also created a similar set (also 24 cards and also in 1926) called Allen’s Fliers, focusing on airmen.

The fronts of the cards have black and white pictures of the wrestlers and specific hold involved. A small caption box is printed, labeling the hold and naming the wrestler applying the hold. Some of the cards instead only picture a wrestler and not a hold. The pictures are inside of a black border and the cards themselves have a larger white border.

Backs of the cards are printed in blue ink and indicate there are 24 in the entire set. They backs also provide us with a name of this issue, saying that collectors should ask for, ‘Allen’s Wrestlers.’ Most importantly, the back names the hold and generally provides a brief description of it or short biography of the actual wrestler. All cards in the set are unnumbered.

All wrestlers except for two (Al Karasick and Clarence Weber) are pictured on more than one card.

Cards are somewhat rare and not easy to come by.

1926 Allen’s Wrestlers Checklist

Below is a list of trade cards in the set that I have seen to date. Others may exist.

  1. Aeroplane Spin – John Kilonis
  2. Billy Edwards
  3. Billy Meeske
  4. Body Scissors and Armhold – Sam Clapham & Mike Yokel
  5. Clarence Weber
  6. Combination Bar & Toe Hold – Al Karasick
  7. Half Nelson – Walter Miller
  8. Hammerlock & Leg-Cradle Hold – Billy Edwards
  9. Head & Armlock – Walter Miller
  10. Head & Crotchhold – Walter Miller
  11. Headlock – Ted Thye
  12. John Kilonis
  13. Mike Yokel
  14. Reverse Head & Armlock – John Kilonis
  15. Reverse Wristlock – Ted Thye
  16. Sam Clapham
  17. Short Arm Scissors – Mike Yokel
  18. Standing Reverse Double Wristlock – Ted Thye
  19. Standing Reverse Wristlock – Billy Meeske
  20. Standing Splits – Mike Yokel
  21. Standing Wristlock – Sam Clapham
  22. Straight Arm Bar & Shoulder Twist – Sam Clapham
  23. Straight Arm Scissors – Walter Miller
  24. Ted Thye

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