Apps Could Allow for Greater Interaction with Pre-War Cards in the Future

At a recent exhibit in Fresno (spotlighted here) featuring some pre-war baseball cards earlier this year, a special app was used to allow guests to interact directly with the cards without the need to touch them. The app, which was designed by a University of Iowa professor, Kevin Ripka, was detailed here.

Essentially, guests at the exhibit could hold a special barcoded-card under an iPad with the specific card then appearing on the screen. The barcoded-card has the same texture and feel of the card in question while the guest sees the card on the screen, allowing them to see it and also feel what the card is like at the same time.

The experience could lead to other museums doing similar things with other items as well.

Most collectors will never get the opportunity to feel an authentic, raw T206 Honus Wagner card. This, however, might be the next best thing.

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