1888 Stevengraph Silks Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Stevengraph Silks
Year 1888
Size 5 1/4″ x 7″
Images Colored
Type Silks
Number in Set

1888 Stevengraph Silks Overview

1888 Stevengraph Silks Jem Smith Boxing.jpgThese rare collectibles were silks produced in the late 1880s. The silks are actually inset into a cardboard backing to create a cabinet card. 1888 is the year most commonly ascribed to this set but that is only an estimate.

Printed by T. Stevens in Coventry, England, only four boxers are featured but the set is difficult to find nonetheless. The silks are somewhat drab in appearance with the dark backgrounds, but they have a unique look with colors of certain parts appearing quite bold. As indicated in small type on the cardboard, they were woven in pure silk.

Backs of the silks have a paper attached stating that the picture is woven in pure silk. The Stevenson name is also present and the back mentions that a complete list of all of the subjects is available for the asking.Most importantly, the backs have a long biography of the fighter.

The silks with the original cardboard backing are most desirable. However, even without it, they are still heavily pursued by boxing collectors. John Sullivan is the key to the set but all four silks are in demand. Even in poor condition, they are desirable.

1888 Stevengraph Silks Checklist

  1. Jake Kilrain
  2. Charlie Mitchell
  3. Jem Smith
  4. John Sullivan

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