1947 D. Cummings and Son Famous Fighters Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title D. Cummings and Son Famous Fighters
Year 1947
Size 1 7/16″ x 2 5/8″
Images Black and White
Type Miscellaneous
Number in Set

1947 D. Cummings and Son Famous Fighters Overview

Willie Pep 1947 D. Cummings and Son Famous FightersThis set was one of the first full sets of boxing cards issued after the end of World War II. As such, it has gained quite a bit of interest from collectors looking for early post-war boxing releases.

The cards are distinctive, featuring black and white caricature images of popular boxers against a bold red background.

Fronts of the cards featured the fighter’s caricature and name inside of a box. The backs included the title, “Famous Fighters Swop Card,” along with the subject’s name and bio, as well as a card number. The bottoms of the cards had the D. Cummings name along with their 186 Howard Street address in Glasgow.

The set contains a total of 64 cards. And unlike most other post-war cards, the cards are smaller, similar to pre-war tobacco and caramel card issues. Many of the names are not that recognizable to collectors today. However, the set includes several Hall of Famers and stars, including Joe Louis, Gene Tunney, Jack Dempsey, Sugar Ray Robinson, Rocky Graziano, and others.

Louis and Dempsey are among the more valuable cards but rookie cards Ray Robinson and Graziano are just as sought after — if not more so.

I’ve classified this set under the Miscellaneous sets category for now. It was issued by a company named D. Cummings and Son out of Glasgow but I have not been able to determine exactly what type of business that was (tobacco company, etc.).

1947 D. Cummings and Son Famous Fighters Checklist

  1. Joe Louis
  2. Freddie Mills
  3. Bruce Woodcock
  4. Gene Tunney
  5. Tommy Farr
  6. Joe Walcott
  7. Max Baer
  8. Ken Shaw
  9. Georges Carpentier
  10. Joe Baksi
  11. Tami Mauriello
  12. Rocky Graziano
  13. Dado Marino
  14. Al Phillips
  15. Henry Hall
  16. Ronnie Clyton
  17. Rinty Monaghan
  18. Jackie Peterson
  19. Benny Lynch
  20. Small Montana
  21. Peter Kane
  22. K.O. Morgan
  23. Harry Hughes
  24. Billy Thompson
  25. Vince Hawkins
  26. Jacky Marshall
  27. Jake Kilrain
  28. Willie Pep
  29. Tommy Barnham
  30. Sugar Ray Robinson
  31. Ike Williams
  32. Tony Zale
  33. Nel Tarleton
  34. Jim Kenny
  35. Henry Armstrong
  36. Len Harvey
  37. Barney Ross
  38. Lou Ambers
  39. Benny Caplan
  40. Jim Cameron
  41. Al Chavez
  42. Cliff Anderson
  43. Dick Turpin
  44. Randolph Turpin
  45. Manuel Abrew
  46. Johnny Smith
  47. Don Cameron
  48. John Henry Lewis
  49. Gus Lesnevitch
  50. Jack Dempsey
  51. Ernie Roderick
  52. Jackie Bryce
  53. Willie Whyte
  54. Johnny McManus
  55. Skeets Gallacher
  56. Jock McAvoy
  57. Dave Crowley
  58. Don McCorkindale
  59. Johnny McGrory
  60. Jock McCusker
  61. Tommy McGovern
  62. Bob McLuckie
  63. Manuel Ortiz
  64. Bert Gilroy

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