Near Complete T206 Baseball Card Set Discovered

New discoveries of T206 baseball cards aren’t all that uncommon. The cards are frequently traded and sold with thousands of listings available on eBay at any given time. What is unusual is finding a large lot with more than half of the entire set.

That was the case a few months back when Just Collect made a new discovery of 366 cards that had been in the possession of a man for more than 25 years. The incredible part about the find was that included in the near set was an Eddie Plank card – one of the Big Four from the T206 set.

The Plank wasn’t the only important card there, however. In addition, the collection included three Ty Cobb cards, three Cy Young cards, three Christy Mathewson cards, and two Walter Johnsons.

The Plank is in poor condition with creases and major paper loss on the reverse. Still, it is an incredibly difficult card to find and its discovery is more than noteworthy.

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