1914 Carreras / Black Cat Science of Boxing Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Carreras / Black Cat Science of Boxing
Year 1914
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 1/2″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1914 Carreras / Black Cat Science of Boxing Overview

1914 Carreras Black Cat Science of Boxing.jpgThis  was one of several instructional sports sets of the pre-war era, focusing on various positions and boxing moves.

The cards were printed by Carreras Limited, a tobacco company based out of London, England. The set was produced for two brands of cigarettes – Carreras and Black Cat. As a result, there are two different variations of the cards. The Black Cat Cigarettes cards have that name at the top and Carreras at the bottom. Meanwhile, the Carreras Cigarettes cards have the Carreras name at both the top and the bottom.

Titled ‘The Science of Boxing Series,’ each card provided some instructional teaching for collectors. Fronts of the cards depicted a specific move or attack/defense in boxing. The backs offered a descriptive narrative about what was shown in the picture.

The cards are not seen too often here in the U.S. but typically aren’t sold for more than a few bucks a piece. Part of the reason for the relatively low price (given the age) is because generic pictures of boxers are used instead of actual images of real athletes.

The exact date of issue is not entirely known. Some sources state this is a 1914 set while others say 1916.

1914 Carreras / Black Cat Science of Boxing Checklist

  1. On guard position
  2. Stepping in
  3. Left lead at head
  4. Left lead at mark
  5. A double lead – left to jaw with right to follow
  6. A double lead – left to jaw with right to follow to ribs
  7. A double lead – left to mark with right to follow to jaw
  8. Ducking a left swing
  9. Side stepping
  10. Slipping a left lead countering with left to mark
  11. Slipping a left lead countering with left to jaw
  12. Right hand cross counter
  13. Side stepping to left and countering with right
  14. Blocking a left lead
  15. Knocking down a left lead
  16. Right lead side stepped
  17. Stopping attack by straight left to chin
  18. Deviating a left lead at head
  19. Back moving a left lead
  20. Left hook to jaw
  21. Left hook to mark
  22. Right hand uppercut
  23. Stopping a right hand body swing
  24. Stopping a left swing
  25. Left hand twist punch for chin
  26. Full body swing
  27. Side stepping left lead to head
  28. Right uppercut to jaw
  29. Jumping back from left to face
  30. Blocking left hook and right hook simultaneously
  31. Short left for body
  32. Stopping right head lead
  33. Right hook to jaw
  34. Blocking double swing for head
  35. Making an opening
  36. An opening for in fighting
  37. Punch to heart followed by left to ribs
  38. Right arm jolt
  39. Double counter to right head lead
  40. A double clinch
  41. Punching left lead
  42. Right drive to mark
  43. Paralyzing opponent’s mark
  44. Right hammer blow to head
  45. Left step and right guard for left hook at jaw
  46. Side-stepping and pushing down left body lead
  47. The liver punch
  48. Stopping a left for head
  49. Left hand body punch after fainted left for head
  50. Step for left lead at mark

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