1905-30 Sports and Pastimes Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Sports and Pastimes
Year 1905-30
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Bakery, Candy/Caramel, Miscellaneous, Tobacco
Number in Set

1905-26 Sports and Pastimes Set Overview

Sports and Pastimes GolfThis interesting set was so popular that it was released again and again. Technically, this is one of the longest-running sets if you avoid the gaps in the years. In all, it seems to have been printed many times over a period of at least 25 years.

Named the Sports and Pastimes set, the cards were distributed by many different tobacco companies spanning from 1905 through 1930. I have tracked the following different brands that the cards were distributed with:

  • Almond’s Bread (Bakery)
  • 1926 Bucktrout Cigarettes
  • 1910 Dolphin Soap / Evershed (Miscellaneous Type)
  • 1910 Edmondson’s Chocolates (Candy/Caramel Type)
  • 1925 Hudden & Company
  • 1925 Miranda Cigarettes
  • 1905 Redford
  • 1924 Sandorides
  • 1912 Taddy & Company
  • 1925 Teofani
  • 1923 T.H. Collins
  • 1925 T. P. & R. Goodbody
  • 1930 W. Sword & Company (Unknown Type)

In addition to these brands, a set of blank-backed cards was also printed with no sponsor name on them. While most of these brands were tobacco companies, a few were not. Those companies are denoted above.

Sports is kind of a relative term here. To be fair, the set is called Sports and Pastimes. But there aren’t many sports cards here that will excite most American collectors. Golf is the lone example of a sport cataloged on this site and the rest are more minor, such as skating and lacrosse.

The cards feature color images of sports and activities and have a caption and the Sports & Pastimes name on the front. Some backs have a biography of the activity on the front, although others have a full advertisement for the sponsor’s product. The pictures and checklist remained the same among all companies using these cards.

A big theme in the set is hunting. 13 of the 25 cards included are dedicated to hunting and fishing.

1905-26 Sports and Pastimes Set Checklist

  1. Tiger Hunt
  2. Kangaroo Hunt
  3. Ski-Jumping
  4. Fox-Hunting
  5. Yacht-Racing
  6. Golf
  7. Military Push-Ball
  8. Catching Crocodiles
  9. Elephant Hunting
  10. Bear Hunting
  11. Lacrosse
  12. Lion Hunting
  13. Tent Pegging
  14. Moose Shooting
  15. Polo
  16. Steeple-Chasing
  17. Otter Hunting
  18. Salmon Fishing
  19. Pig Sticking
  20. Tobogganing
  21. Hunting Antelopes
  22. Skating
  23. Archery
  24. Motoring
  25. Grouse Shooting

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