1947 Sports Exchange Miniatures (W602) Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title 1947 Sports Exchange Miniatures (W602)
Year 1947
Size 2 1/2″ x 3″
Images Black and White
Type Strip
Number in Set

1947 Sports Exchange Miniatures (W602) Overview

W602 Sports Exchange CardsThese miniature cards were offered in The Trading Post magazine and are classified as the Sports Exchange Miniatures set. Cataloged as W602 in the American Card Catalog, they were printed in 1947 in three different sets.

There are a total of 108 cards in the set but they were not all always apparently known to collectors. In the American Card Catalog, author Jefferson Burdick recognized only two types — red and green.

Each set contained 36 cards and the three can be distinguished by their border colors. Series 1 had green borders, Series 2 had red borders, and Series 3 had gold borders. Pictures of all three border types are shown here. Warren Spahn’s card has a red border, Honus (Hans) Wagner green, and Shoeless Joe Jackson gold.

Those three players also tells you quite a bit about this set in terms of the checklist. It was quite varied, including players across different areas. Some players, like Spahn, were current and others, like Wagner and Jackson, had stopped playing many years earlier. The set includes an absolute hodgepodge of stars.

The cards roughly measure 2 1/2″ by 3″ but those dimensions are only estimates as these cards were hand cut from sheets. Plus, the gold border cards were slightly larger at about 2 1/2″ x 3 1/8″. All were quite basic with a black and white picture and the player’s name on the front. Backs were blank.

Each sheet contained six cards, thus, each of the three 36-card series’ had a total of six sheets. These sheets were all numbered 1-6 for each series.

Image Reuse

Andy Pafko 1947 Sports Exchange W602pafko-exhibitIf some of the images in the set look familiar to you, that should not be much of a surprise. That is because several of the images were used in other common pre-war and early vintage sets.

Shown here, for example, is a Salutations Exhibit card of Andy Pafko next to a blown up version of his 1947 Sports Exchange Miniatures card (the postcard-sized Exhibit card on the left is obviously the larger of the two).

While the Sports Exchange Miniatures card is cropped it is easy to see that it is the same image as the one found on the exhibit card that was issued before that set.

1947 Sports Exchange Miniatures (W602) Checklist

  1. Nick Altrock
  2. Al Benton
  3. Yogi Berra
  4. Floyd Bevens
  5. Ewell Blackwell
  6. Lou Blue
  7. Lou Boudreau
  8. Ralph Branca
  9. Harry Brecheen
  10. George Case
  11. Hugh Casey
  12. Phil Cavaretta
  13. Spud Chandler
  14. Ben Chapman
  15. Sam Chapman
  16. Mark Christman
  17. Mickey Cochrane
  18. Earl Combs
  19. Dizzy Dean
  20. Bill Dickey
  21. Bob Dillinger
  22. Dom DiMaggio
  23. Joe DiMaggio
  24. Bobby Doerr
  25. Eddie Dyer
  26. Jake Early
  27. Bruce Edwards
  28. Del Ennis
  29. Al Evans
  30. Bob Feller
  31. Dave Ferriss
  32. Les Fleming
  33. Jimmie Foxx
  34. Frankie Frisch
  35. Carl Furillo
  36. Augie Galan
  37. Lou Gehrig
  38. Joe Gordon
  39. Hank Greenberg
  40. Charlie Grimm
  41. Lefty Grove
  42. Bert Haas
  43. Bill Hallahan
  44. Jeff Heath
  45. Tom Henrich
  46. Billy Herman
  47. Kirby Higbe
  48. Tommy Holmes
  49. Johnny Hopp
  50. Rogers Hornsby
  51. Carl Hubbell
  52. Tex Hughson
  53. Joe Jackson
  54. Travis Jackson
  55. Larry Jansen
  56. Bill Johnson
  57. Eddie Joost
  58. Ken Keltner
  59. Ralph Kiner
  60. Whitey Kurowski
  61. Bill Lamanno
  62. Cookie Lavagetto
  63. Buddy Lewis
  64. Johnny Lindell
  65. Vic Lombardi
  66. Peanuts Lowrey
  67. Ted Lyons
  68. Heinie Manush
  69. Marty Marion
  70. Phil Masi
  71. George McQuinn
  72. Johnny Mize
  73. Bob Muncrief
  74. Red Munger
  75. Stan Musial
  76. Greasy Neale
  77. Hal Newhouser
  78. Lefty O’Doul
  79. Steve O’Neill
  80. Jimmy Outlaw
  81. Andy Pafko
  82. Joe Page
  83. Herb Pennock
  84. Johnny Pesky
  85. Howie Pollet
  86. Pee Wee Reese
  87. Pete Reiser
  88. Phil Rizzuto
  89. Aaron Robinson
  90. Red Rolfe
  91. Buddy Rosar
  92. Babe Ruth
  93. Johnny Sain
  94. Luke Sewell
  95. Rip Sewell
  96. Enos Slaughter
  97. Billy Southworth
  98. Warren Spahn
  99. Vern Stephens
  100. Cecil Travis
  101. Dizzy Trout
  102. Honus Wagner (listed as Hans)
  103. Dixie Walker
  104. Harry Walker
  105. Wally Westlake
  106. Ted Williams
  107. Hack Wilson
  108. Mickey Witek