1940 Hughes Frozen Confections Set (F66) and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Hughes Frozen Confections
Year 1940
Size 2″ x 3″
Images Black and White
Type Food
Number in Set

1940 Hughes Frozen Confections (F66) Overview

1940 Hughes Frozen Confections BartonThis rare minor league card set features players from the Sacramento Solons minor league baseball team. While many players in the set reached the major leagues, it also does not really include any superstar names.

Fronts of the card include black and white images of players on the team. The only print found on the front is the player’s autograph with a replica signature in black ink.

It is dated to 1940 as the backs of the cards are either blank or have the Solons 1940 schedule printed on them. Backs also carry the Hughes Frozen Confections name, citing the West Sacramento business as their sponsor. It is unknown if blank-backed cards were also sponsored by Hughes or another entity. The blank-backed cards are rarer than the cards with schedules printed on them.

At 2″ x 3″ in size, the cards are somewhat proportional to most most of today’s cards. The set is cataloged as F66 in the American Card Catalog.

This thread provides some interesting information that many of the cards are found with stains on them. That is, supposedly, because the cards were placed inside of a wrapper and packaged against Hughes’ ice cream bars. Additionally, some cards have been seen with a ‘VOID’ stamp, indicating they may have been part of some sort of promotion. That promotion, however, is unknown.

Cards in the set are quite rare and the American Card Catalog even gives us an indication of how little they were seen. While 20 cards are known to be in the checklist today, Jefferson Burdick, the book’s author, believed only ten cards comprised the full set.

Decent commons in the set typically start in the $30-$50 range.

1940 Hughes Frozen Confections (F66) Checklist

Note that cards in italics below are found in modern checklists but are not ones I have personally seen. To date, those cards also have not been graded by one of the three major grading companies.

  1. Mel Almada
  2. Frank Asbell
  3. Lanny Barton
  4. Robert Blattner
  5. Bennie Borgmann
  6. Tony Freitas
  7. Art Garibaldi
  8. Jim Grilk
  9. Gene Handley
  10. Oscar Judd
  11. Lynn King
  12. Nub Kleinke
  13. Max Marshall
  14. Bill McLaughlin
  15. Bruce Ogrodowski
  16. Francis Riel
  17. Bill Schmidt
  18. Melvin Wasley
  19. Chet Wieczorek
  20. Dib Williams

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