1937 P. Jackson Pageant of Kingship Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title P. Jackson Pageant of Kingship
Year 1937
Size Various
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1937 P. Jackson Pageant of Kingship Set Overview

1937 Pageant of Kingship GolfThis set featured the Royal Family participating in a variety of activities. It was produced as a celebration of his coronation as King of the United Kingdom, which occurred in 1936. The cards covered events from years leading up to that point and were issued by Peter Jackson, Ltd., a London-based firm.

Cards were printed in full color and were full bleed. The cards were printed in various sizes with some being thin and narrow and others more like a square. Backs of the cards offered a sizable description of the activity or event on the front.

While most cards are not sports-related, at least two were. One features King George playing recreational tennis and another (pictured here) shows him playing a round of golf.

A special album bearing the Pageant of Kingship title was also created for this set to allow collectors to store their cards. A mention of it was offered on the backs of every card, stating that there was a place for it in that album.

1937 P. Jackson Pageant of Kingship Set Checklist

The only sports cards (among those cataloged on the site) in the set are the two cards featuring King George playing golf and tennis.

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