1932-33 Marabou-Sportserie Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Marabou-Sportserie
Year 1932-33
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″ (approximately)
Images Black and White
Type Candy/Caramel
Number in Set

1932-33 Marabou-Sportserie Set Overview

1932 Marabou-SportserieThis multi-sport set was issued out of Sweden.

Athletes from a variety of sports were included, such as hockey, boxing, track and field, and soccer. Fronts included black and white images of subjects with their name and a card number at the bottom. Backs include the athlete’s name and a short biography in Swedish. The Marabou-Sportserie name is at the bottom.

Two different types are believed to exist, though it is not known if both types exist with all cards. Some cards have borders with the Marabou-Sportserie name on the back being in one font while others have no borders and the Marabou-Sportserie name in a different font.

As a Swedish issue, cards from the set are very difficult to find in the U.S.

Additionally, a separate set exists featuring actors and actresses. Those cards are dated to approximately the same time period and called Marabou-Filmserie. The film series cards have a similar layout/design.

1932-33 Marabou-Sportserie Set Checklist

Here is a complete checklist for this set.

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