1915 Ogden’s Boxers Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Ogden’s Boxers
Year 1915
Size 1 5/8″ x 2 9/16″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1915 Ogden’s Boxers Set Overview

Joe Jeanette 1915 Ogden's BoxingThis release issued by Ogden’s tobacco company for its cigarette packages in 1915. 50 cards are in the set, which features famous boxers. The set was one of several that Ogden’s created with boxers in it.

Similar to the 1888-89 Allen & Ginter N28 and N29 series, pictures of the athletes stand out as they are set against a plain white background. Pictures are portraits/headshots and the backs have a biography of the subject pictured on the front. Backs also include a card number and indicate that 50 are included in the set.

The cards are quite similar to an earlier Ogden’s issue from 1908 and 1909, simply known as the Ogden’s Pugilists and Wrestlers set. While the cards utilize the same design as those, often confusing collectors, there are many differences between the two releases.

Here’s a comparison of the two sets.

Several of the sport’s stars are found in this release, including Jim Driscoll, Georges Carpentier, and Jess Willard, among several other Hall of Famers. Still, the set is not nearly as star studded as the earlier Ogden’s set that includes the rookie card of Jack Johnson as well as numerous other cards of key boxers and wrestlers.

Willard’s card is notable as it is viewed as a rookie issue of the fighter who defeated Johnson or the title. The only other Willard rookie candidate that I have found that may have been issued earlier is his appearance in the 1909-16 Max Stein postcards series. While not very expensive, his card is typically one of the more valuable ones in the set.

1915 Ogden’s Boxers Set Checklist

  1. Jim Driscoll
  2. Billy Wells
  3. Kid Lewis
  4. Pat O’Keeffe
  5. Hughie Mehegan
  6. Dick Smith
  7. Sid Smith
  8. Albert Lurie
  9. John Basham
  10. Georges Carpentier
  11. Freddie Welsh
  12. Johnnie Summers
  13. Tom McCormick
  14. Eddie McGoorty
  15. Joe Jeanette
  16. Charlie White
  17. Jeff Smith
  18. Pat Bradley
  19. Arthur Pelkey
  20. Jim Sullivan
  21. Alf Morey
  22. Digger Stanley
  23. Sam Langford
  24. Matt Wells
  25. Jess Willard
  26. Young Fox
  27. Jimmy Clabby
  28. Sapper O’Neill
  29. Mike Glover
  30. Bandsman Blake
  31. Frank Moran
  32. Packey McFarland
  33. Harry Stone
  34. Billy Papke
  35. Frank Loughrey
  36. Willie Ritchie
  37. Jerry Delaney
  38. Jimmy Wilde
  39. Jim Berry
  40. Harry Mansfield
  41. Lieutenant McEnroy
  42. Arthur Evernden
  43. Curley Walker
  44. Dai Roberts
  45. Gus Platts
  46. Young Nipper
  47. Tancy Lee
  48. Harry Thomas
  49. Bandsman Rice
  50. Les O’Donnell

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