Unclassified Boxing Cabinets

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Unclassified Boxing Cabinets
Year 1886
Size Various
Images Various
Type Various
Number in Set
Varies by Set

Unclassified Boxing Cabinets

1886 John Wood Boxing Cabinets.jpg

Cabinet cards are pictures mounted onto a piece of cardboard. This type of collectible became extremely popular in the 1800s and it wasn’t uncommon for families to have all sorts of cabinets featuring family members or famous people. Among those cabinets that were produced were several picturing boxers.

Some cabinets, like the 1895 N566 Newsboy Cabinets, were cataloged in the American Card Catalog. But numerous uncatalogued issues exist, too. Here are some of them.

Please note that some dates are speculative.

Unclassified Boxing Cabinets Sets

Below are the cabinets sets I have seen to date. Others surely exist and this list will be updated. Please note that this list includes only cabinet sets and not individual issues, which are numerous.

  • 1880s Morrison Haymarket Theatre Cabinets
  • 1887-90 Old Judge Boxing Cabinets
  • 1888 Stevengraph Silks Cabinets
  • 1880s John Wood Cabinets (gray borders)
  • 1886 John Wood Boxing Cabinets (gold borders)

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