1936 Mitchell’s Gallery of 1935 Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Mitchell’s Gallery of 1935
Year 1936
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1936 Mitchell’s Gallery of 1935 Overview

1936 Mitchell's Gallery Joe Louis Boxing1936 Mitchell's Helen Wills TennisThis set was a year of review as it was printed in 1936 and looked back on 1935. Cards featured famous personalities who made an impact in many different areas, including the world of sports.

The set was an updated set of sorts from the previous year in 1935. Like the set issued the year before by Mitchell’s, many collectors confuse the date. It is called A Gallery of 1935 but since it revisits the prior year, it was actually issued in 1936.

The dating is an important point because of an early card of Hall of Fame boxer Joe Louis. Louis’ rookie cards were issued in 1935 and this one is commonly cited as a rookie, even though it is not.

Sports cards included all sorts of celebrities from tennis, golf, and boxing, among others. Among the stars in the set are Louis and tennis star Helen Wills-Moody. Boxing, golf, and tennis cards are identified in the checklist below.

In addition to the athletes in the set, non-sports personalities of note include a young (then Princess) Queen Elizabeth, Shirley Temple, and Walt Disney. The card of Disney, in particular, is highly regarded by collectors. It is one of his earliest cards and often sells for more than $100. High-grade examples can sell for hundreds. Along with the card of Louis, it is the most valuable in the set.

1936 Mitchell’s Gallery of 1935 Checklist

  1. King George and Queen Mary
  2. Duke and Duchess of Gloucester
  3. Princess Margaret Rose
  4. King George II
  5. Emperor of Abyssinia
  6. Stanley Baldwin
  7. Lord Byng
  8. Anthony Eden
  9. Sir Samuel Hoare
  10. Earl Jellicoe
  11. Marquess of Linlithgow
  12. Marquess of Reading
  13. M. Pierre Laval
  14. Marshal de Bono
  15. Huey Long
  16. Jack Buchanan
  17. Walt Disney
  18. Harriet Haddon
  19. Vivien Leigh
  20. Grace Moore
  21. Anna Neagle
  22. Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire
  23. Will Rogers
  24. Harry Roy and Princess Pearl
  25. Marie Tempest
  26. Shirley Temple
  27. James Braddock (boxing)
  28. Joe Louis (boxing)
  29. Benny Lynch (boxing)
  30. J.E. Manchester
  31. J. McGregory
  32. Wanda Morgan (golf)
  33. Alfred Perry (golf)
  34. Hector Thomson (golf)
  35. AGA Khan and Bahram
  36. F. Furlong and Reynoldstown
  37. Donald Budge (tennis)
  38. Helen Wills-Moody (tennis)
  39. Fred Perry (tennis) and Helen Vinson
  40. Jean Batten
  41. Sir Malcolm Campbell
  42. J. Guthrie
  43. Justice Avory
  44. Cardinal Bourne
  45. Sir Edgar Britten
  46. E.M. Cain
  47. The Dionne Quintuplets
  48. Barbara Hutton
  49. Lawrence of Arabia
  50. Spada, The Corsican Bandit

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