1928 Jaime Boix Chocolates Die-Cuts Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Jaime Boix Chocolates Die-Cuts
Year 1928
Size Various
Images Color
Type Candy/Caramel
Number in Set

1928 Jaime Boix Chocolates Die-Cuts Overview

1928 Jaime Boix Chocolates Die-Cuts Boxing.jpgThis unique die-cut issue featured 40 boxers and was issued by Jaime Boix Chocolates, a candy company based in Barcelona, Spain.

Each card featured a color, die-cut image of a particular boxer. The artwork was not real good on these and, despite being named, the boxers look generic in nature.

Each boxer has a tab at the bottom that was designed to be folded and stood up to be fighting a counterpart. The tab also provided information about a fight between the pair. The cards are not entirely rare but are a little difficult to find with some being scarce.

Jack Johnson and Jack Dempsey cards are keys to the set. Johnson is featured only once but Dempsey is there three times. Paulino Uzcudun is there a total of eight times and Gene Tunney is found three times.

1928 Jaime Boix Chocolates Die-Cuts Checklist

  1. Jack Johnson
  2. James Jeffries
  3. Georges Carpentier
  4. Jack Dempsey
  5. Luis Firpo
  6. Jack Dempsey
  7. Paulino Uzcudun
  8. Erminio Spalla
  9. Paulino Uzcudun
  10. Phil Scott
  11. Paulino Uzcudun
  12. Georges Cook
  13. Frank Goddard
  14. Paulino Uzcudun
  15. Paulino Uzcudun
  16. Johnny Risko
  17. Paulino Uzcudun
  18. Harry Wills
  19. Georges Godfrey
  20. Paulino Uzcudun
  21. Knute Hansen
  22. Paulino Uzcudun
  23. Jack Sharkey
  24. Jack Dempsey
  25. Antonio Ruiz
  26. Luigi Quadrini
  27. Jack Delaney
  28. Johnny Risko
  29. Jose Girones
  30. Hubert Gilles
  31. Hilario Martinez
  32. Sid Terris
  33. Harry Wills
  34. Jack Sharkey
  35. Gene Tunney
  36. Tom Heeney
  37. Gene Tunney
  38. Tom Heeney
  39. Gene Tunney
  40. Tom Heeney

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